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Dual disc locks with lock cutting protection

I have designed and patented the 1 piece with no parts to lose CW locking system around the standard 2 3/4 disc locks, which are one of the most secure and widely available locks in a wide range of prices. Great for individuals, fleets, commercial rental, and industrial for lock out tag out. It is also a built in design concept that everyone loses their keys occasionally and when faced with a cutting torch even the strongest lock will fail. My Patented concept allows the disc locks to be sacrificed without compromising the larger investment, while still protecting the lock shackle from bolt cutters and grinders. Warning: Do make extra keys, if you lose them it will require a cutting torch to remove the disc locks without damaging your CW Trailer Coupler Lock. TM

Building better and smarter products

Unfortunately most people don't do a lot of research when it comes to trailer theft. One of the most brazen and dangerous ways to steal a locked trailer regardless of having a lock of any kind even wheel locks, is to drag it down the road by the safety chains around a ball hitch but no more! I have a solution and Patent filing for that also! ALL CW Trailer coupler locks comes with a pair of 7/16 solid steel hammer on safety chain hooks with a GVW of 25,000 pounds which meets or exceeds any trailer limits the locks are designed for that LOCK UP inside the CW Trailer Coupler Lock!

Made in the USA

Heavy duty, superior craftmanship, and over all best valued coupler lock anywhere! Every part is made out of 1/4" thick steel or greater. Also featured the huge high grade solid steel, machined, fully welded, greaseable hinge. The ZINC dipped coating is rust resistant and has superior wear properties as it is more of stain and penetrates the metal surface more than a top coating like powder coating and doesn't chip which will expose bare metal. Zinc plating is more durable hands down, zinc bars have been used for decades on the hull of sea going ships as a sacrificial metal that protects the steel hull. You can be sure your CW lock will look and work great for years.


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U.S. Patent Award # 9,033,358. Four claims 2013

New additional U.S. Patent Pending filed 2018